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Multiply your impact

We bring elevated support that multiplies your church's impact. From managing your finances and HR, to strategy and people management, we help you steward your resources for greater impact.
A pastor, church leader, a finance leader desiring to make an impact

Stadia Bookkeeping is now powered by Novum

Vision Planning  .   Bookkeeping  .  Finanical Management  .  Insurance  .  HR  .   Staff Development  .  Executive Leadership

What is holding you back?

Team Capacity

Sometimes, you need help to get through a season. As part of your team, we come alongside you to build systems that you help lead from your gifts.

Backoffice Support

You are leading a mission, but the details of budgets, reports, and 20 other things are endless. We can partner with you and manage the administrative details that free you up.

Strategic Leadership

Ever feel like you are really busy but not sure it's making the impact you hoped for? Our team of strategic leaders partner with you to elevate the clarity and capacity of your ministry.

Join our community of 100+ 

How does it work?

01. We Connect

We connect to evaluate how we can best support your team.

02. We Customize.

We customize your Stadia team and partnership package.

03. We Catalyze.

We optimize your mission with innovation and experts.

Bookkeeping &
Financial Management

Human Resources & Benefits

Strategic Planning

Executive Leadership

Leadership Development

IT & Marketing

Partnering for Healthy Mission

We're church people with decades of church, business, and executive experience. From the largest churches in the US to global church plants, we know what it takes to lead a healthy ministry. Let's make sure you experience it.

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