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Creating Vision Clarity
Strategic Alignment &
High-Impact Execution

Every leadership team needs a guide. 

We are the trusted guide for architecting moonshots and activating high performance.

We take dreams
from napkin sketches to reality. 

Novum's Flywheel

Navigating Crises and Transitions:

  • Feeling uncertain about navigating change, mergers, or leadership shifts.

  • We guide you through strategic transitions, ensuring smooth processes and minimal disruption.

Charting Your Course:

  • Lacking clarity around what is next? Leading to confusion and missed opportunities.

  • We collaborate with you to create a clear, actionable roadmap for your future.

Stewarding Your Resources:

  •  Struggling with financial management and revenue-generating limits your potential.

  • We provide expert guidance on budgeting, fundraising strategies, and maximizing resources.

Strategic Planning for Growth:

  • Frustrated with stagnant growth, unsure how to expand your reach and impact.

  • We develop data-driven strategies to cultivate new growth and donors.

Developing Leadership Teams & Boards:

  • Facing a dysfunctional leadership team or board hinders effective decision-making.

  • We facilitate leadership and board development workshops and training to foster collaboration and good governance.

Elevating Capacity:

  • Missing the right voice at the table creates an out-of-balance vacuum of leadership.

  • We facilitate fractional roles of executive leadership to complement your leadership.


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Brad Hobbs, Ph.D.

About Novum

Fueled by the belief leaders' desire to maximize their resources for the greatest good, we launched Novum Partners. Witnessing firsthand the challenges of navigating diverse organizations across for-profit, non-profit, and church sectors, we recognized the potent combination of strategic thinking, skilled people management (HR), and sound financial stewardship (Accounting). Driven by this insight, Novum Partners emerged as a dedicated partner, offering a unique blend of strategy, HR, and accounting solutions. This integrated approach empowers leaders to optimize their resources, build strong teams, and achieve lasting impact, allowing their organizations to thrive and their world to be blessed.

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