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We Give Pastors & Churches

The trusted partner for accounting, payroll, & HR. 
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Why do more than 100 churches trust us?

  • Expert bookkeeping and accounting: Gain real-time financial insights, ensure accurate numbers, and get advanced financial reporting.

  • Streamlined HR management: Simplify compliance, develop your team, and foster a positive team culture.

  • Customized reports and analysis: Understand your financial health and make informed decisions for your organization.

  • Transparent and accountable practices: Build trust with stakeholders and demonstrate responsible resource management.

  • Dedicated support and guidance: Our team can answer your questions and provide expert advice.

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New Resource!

4 Money Moves for Q2

Stay ahead of your finances, and increase your leadership credibility by making 4 simple moves. 

Brandon Baldwin

 Co-Lead Pastor

“Novum’s bookkeeping team always does a great job stewarding New Community’s resources and empowering us to lead the church well.”

Scott Kindig

Executive Pastor

"They've created ways for individuals and teams to excel in their assignments and made us better, continuously creating ways to develop individuals and teams to advance their worth in the organization."

Jeff Williams


"Every organization should work with Novum to create transparency and scaled support at every stage."

Focus on your vision. 
Enjoy your mission.

We'll handle all the paperwork.

Certified Bookkeepers

Transparency and accuracy are critical to your integrity as a leader and organization. With our team, you find qualified, certified bookkeepers, A/P specialists, donor management specialists, and MBA oversight. 

Optimized Payroll & Tools

We leverage the most up-to-date payroll and digital tools to give you 24/7 information at your fingertips. By synchronizing your IT systems, like Quickbooks Online,, and Gusto, we create synergy and optimization for your team. 

Advanced Reporting

Credit Card Management

We analyze your financial information and give reliable reports to help you make the best decisions. Never guess where you're at or how you're doing; you'll always know with our reporting systems. 

Donor Management

Our team reconciles and records your data so you can take care of your donors. Donor management includes annual donor reports and trends. 

Credit cards and reimbursement are a part of any organization. Managing them can be a headache for any team. We use robust management, oversight, and reconciliation tools to keep your team moving and operating at its best. 

Starting Something New?

We can get you started from your napkin sketch to fully operational. Get help navigating the steps to get financially and legally set up and avoid missteps from the start. 

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3 Free Months!

Get three months of our advanced financial dashboard when you book a call this month.

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