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Novum Partners

Fueling your mission through an unprecedented partnership. 

Strategy. Accounting. HR. Leadership.

"Unprecedented, Fresh"

"Engaged by a common mission"

Why Novum Partners

Novum Partners helps mission-driven leaders build sustainable organizations that change the world. We blend deep academic expertise with practical global experience to deliver transformational solutions in strategy, accounting, HR, and leadership development. Whether you're leading a church, nonprofit, or social enterprise, we're passionate about architecting change alongside you.

Resources We Steward

We provide unprecedented support to maximize these resources:


Strategy & Alignment




Brad Hobbs, Ph.D.

About Novum

Fueled by the belief leaders' desire to maximize their resources for the greatest good, we launched Novum Partners. Witnessing firsthand the challenges of navigating diverse organizations across for-profit, non-profit, and church sectors, we recognized the potent combination of strategic thinking, skilled people management (HR), and sound financial stewardship (Accounting). Driven by this insight, Novum Partners emerged as a dedicated partner, offering a unique blend of strategy, HR, and accounting solutions. This integrated approach empowers leaders to optimize their resources, build strong teams, and achieve lasting impact, allowing their organizations to thrive and their world to be blessed.

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